Free Intensive.. Led by Jared Spool. Advanced Approaches to UX Research.

Do your executives make informed decisions about the right strategic direction?

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Is there a deep, thorough knowledge — across your organization — of what users need?

Is user research the first thing cut from a project because it’s seen as a luxury and not strategically important?

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Guide your organization to make smart choices

UX leaders often talk about the importance of “having a seat at the table.” However, what’s more important is what we bring to the table.

Right now, your organization faces some critical decisions. Decisions that will determine if the future is easy or extremely difficult. Decisions that will choose the best way to focus limited resources. If made right, decisions will delight your users and customers, or, if made wrong, will completely frustrate those customers and cost the organization money and reputation.

When important decisions have to be made, do we have the data and insights to guide the decision-makers to the best choices? This is the product of great user research. It’s the superpower that UX leaders just like you can bring to the table.

Spend the week of September 13th discovering what your UX research efforts truly need. Put together a plan that makes your UX team strategic, influential, and innovative.

Drive Strategy
Gain Influence
Deliver Innovation

Ready to drive your
organizations strategy?

Upgrade your UX Research to be more strategic, more influential, and more innovative

Imagine 5 days where you:

  • Transform your organization to a learning culture that understands your users and their needs.
  • Discover the influence your research results bring to key business decisions, such as product roadmap priorities.
  • Reframe your research efforts to be a continuous discovery process, strengthening everyone’s knowledge of what success looks like.
  • Grow your organization’s UX research capabilities to meet the demands of fast-moving teams.
  • Recast your UX research from being undervalued and the first to be cut into a high-demand leadership power tool.
  • Recast KPIs to be UX outcomes instead of delivery outputs.

How the Advanced Approach to UX Research intensive works

Between Monday, Sept 13, and Friday, Sept 17, you’ll spend 10 hours diving deep with Jared Spool. Explore how to scale your team’s UX research to make you more strategic, influential, and innovative.

5 one-hour live discussions – A new topic each day.
Attend either the Live at 2pm ET (18.00 GMT) or the Watch Party at 7pm ET (23.00 GMT) each day.

3 one-hour Implementation and Inspiration sessions.
11am ET (15.00 GMT) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

2 hours on assessing your weak spots and identifying your next steps.
Block out your own time to collaborate with your team.

Total commitment: 10 hours
Benefit: You’ll build a strategic plan to upgrade your UX research.

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Here’s the topic for each day:

Monday, Sept 13
Win Influence with an Advanced User Research Strategy

Tuesday, Sept 14
Deliver Better-Designed Products with a Research-Driven Roadmap

Wednesday, Sept 15
Increase Innovation with Continuous Research

Thursday, Sept 16
Dramatically Scale Your Organization’s Research Capabilities

Friday, Sept 17
Convince Stakeholders of the Full
Value of UX

Don’t miss these Bonus Sessions:

Monday, Sept 20
Create Your Organization’s Research Growth Plan

Tuesday, Sept 21
An Incredible Guest Industry Expert

Wednesday, Sept 22
Another Incredible Guest Industry Expert

Each session builds on the next. So don’t miss a moment.
(We’ll post recordings shortly after each session, but your best bet is to catch it live.)

Ready to gain meaningful
influence in your organization?

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Do the work and get strategic

Roll up your sleeves. Start increasing value immediately.

Each day, Jared will give you assignments to assess your UX research efforts. You and your team will identify weak spots and set out a detailed strategy for your enhanced UX research initiatives.

This is hard work. Making big changes happen is never easy. Are you up for the challenge?

Don’t worry. You won’t do the work in a vacuum. We’ll support you.

Bring your work to each of our Implementation and Inspiration Sessions. Discuss your choices with Jared and get insights on your path to success.

Jared leads the Implementation and Inspiration Sessions at 11am ET (15.00 GMT).

Tuesday, Sept 14
Identify Your UX Research Weak Spots

Wednesday, Sept 15
Infuse the Roadmap with Your UX Research

Thursday, Sept 16
Expand Your UX Research Influence

Advanced UX Research is a team sport. Bring your team.

This Intensive is, well, intense. It’s dense with new information and ways of thinking about UX Research.

You could try to relay the information back to your team, but why play the middle-person?

Instead, bring your entire team (and your management) and get exposed to all these great ideas at the same time. Work on the assignments together. Plan the critical changes you’ll need as a team.

We guarantee that every session will spur great discussions. You’ll be itching to make immediate changes, even before the Intensive ends.

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Led by Jared Spool, Maker of Awesomeness

Everything you learn in this 5-day Intensive comes directly from Jared’s years of working across industries, discovering the best practices for organizations to deliver well-designed products and services.

His experience, working with design leaders of organizations like IBM, NASA, GE, Fidelity Investments, GM, Exxon Mobil, and the Obama White House, has taught him exactly what teams need to mount strategic, influential UX research initiatives.

You’ll love his stories, his ability to demonstrate every point with a simple, concrete example, and his comically adorable attempts at trying to draw out his ideas. (You can’t fault him for trying, though.)

Most importantly, you’ll love how much smarter you always feel after spending a few minutes absorbing his experience-informed wisdom. Don’t pass up this opportunity to glean everything you can from Jared.

Get all of the details when you join us for our Advanced Approaches to UX Research intensive.

Jared Spool

Ready to deliver
strategic innovation?